Production Team Leader
Job Category: Factory & Assembly Featured
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Louisville
Wage: $17-up
Shift: 1st Days

Based in our Louisville, Kentucky location, you will be responsible for maintaining daily and/or hourly production
expectations as directed by management.

- Manage by walking around. Be in constant contact with team members to identify problems and correct.
- Set up rotation schedule for the line and enforce its use.
- Make adjustments throughout the day on operator lineup to ease bottlenecks and adjust flow as needed.
- Manage shop order progress and ensure must ships and expedites get the proper attention.
- Assign trainers for new operators and oversee training plan and execution. Ensure proper training is received and trainer
stays with the new operator until instructed they can leave. Verify training is sufficient and complete training cards.
- Manage all resources needed to achieve line metrics daily. Update visual board daily with current metrics.
- Order parts from MS and transfer parts from line to line as needed.
- Ensure operators are meeting cycle times as required.
- Fill in for production operators on an as needed basis.
- Promote team interaction and positive culture. Address any employee behavioral, safety, or process issues when they
occur. Pull employees off line if any confrontation exists. Include supervisor/manager as needed.
- Keep supervisor informed of progress throughout the day, issues that arise, etc.
- Conduct toolbox meeting with team daily. Communicate any necessary company messages, specific production line info,
progress, focal points, safety issues, etc.
- Ensure all operators are following the approved work instructions, processes, visual aids, etc.
- Ensure reworks and scrap are handled in a timely manner (daily, unless special circumstances arise).
- Coordinate with Quality, Manufacturing Engineering, Product Engineering, etc on any issues facing the production line.
- End of shift report, scrap report.

- High school diploma or equivalent, some college preferred
- Fluent in English (written and spoken)
- Ability to complete basic math functions (addition/subtraction/multiplication/division)
- Basic computer skills (Microsoft Office)
- Ability to read and understand production shop orders and instructions
- Ability to meet all Assembler Physical Requirements
- Ability to defer to management when appropriate

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