Bindery Operator
Job Category: Featured Printing Skilled Trades
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Louisville
Wage: $17-up
Shift: 1st Days


Reports directly to the Pressroom Manager.  Performs manual and machine operator tasks in the set-up, maintenance and operation of cutters, collators, folders, and stitchers.


  1. Reviews and interprets job ticket instructions thoroughly prior to beginning any job.

2. Performs folder operations – sets up and adjusts feeder; sets up and adjusts folder; sets up and adjusts delivery; operates folder; sets up folder for special processes (perforating, scoring, slitting/trimming.)

  1. Performs cutting operations – cuts stock on automated cutter; does finish cutting on automated cutter; performs calculations; removes or replaces knives on cutters/trimmers; programs multiple cuts on automated cutters.


  1. Performs stitching operations – sets up power stitcher; operates saddle stitcher; makes decisions on stitching methods; does minor stitcher head maintenance.


  1. Performs collating operations – hand gathers single sheets and signatures; decides on methods to assemble jobs; loads and maintains supply of sheets/signatures.


  1. Performs binding operations including but not limited to: punches; plastic binder; and GBC.


  1. Monitors production and performs process related trouble-shooting and correction as needed.


  1. Performs routine preventative maintenance on Bindery Equipment.


  1. Operates drill.


  1. Maintains clean work area for efficiency and safety purposes.


  1. Performs other tasks as requested (i.e. hand bindery functions).


  1. Follows appropriate safety procedures when disposing of chemicals and other materials.


  1. Maintains accurate data collection.


  1. Communicates with outside vendors pertaining to bindery equipment as directed by the Pressroom Manager.


  1. Reports technical problems or concerns regarding equipment or specific print jobs to Pressroom Manager.
  2. Works with Estimating and Prepress regarding layout and imposition of jobs.


  3. Assists in the packaging of finished products.
  4. Ensures that paper is prepared for recycling and that recycle bins are swapped as needed.
  5. Maintains non-inventory items (gloves, handsoap, etc.) by adding to the General Maintenance Specialist/Supervisor’s list in shop.
  6. Participates in quarterly inventory as needed.



Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.

Ability to stand for long periods of time.

Capable of fine finger movements for adjusting equipment

Ability to reach over machine for operation and maintenance.

Ability to utilize desktop computer and keyboard for data entry and retrieval purposes.

Able to bend or squat.



High school diploma or GED.

Prefer Vocational training.

5-10 years of experience.


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